Our Mission

The Pink Triangle Park (PTP) was founded to remember and honor the homosexual victims of Nazi persecution during the Holocaust in the 1930s and 40s.  The persecution of people whose sexuality or gender identity is non-conforming, LGBTQ, continues in many parts of the world.  The PTP is dedicated to advocacy on behalf of groups who are vulnerable to persecution or discrimination and to the acceptance and celebration of human diversity.  We aspire to a world with full human rights and equality for all the diverse groups who constitute the human community.

In the development and maintenance of a garden to express these goals and values, we seek to create a beautiful, calming space to reflect on the past and generate hope for the future.  We promote environmental conservation and environmental education and leadership.  To that end, we implement sustainable horticultural practices and we solicit continual community involvement in the maintenance of, and special events at, the PTP

The PTP is a living monument to the ideals of social justice, environmental stewardship, and community.